Washi Masking Tape

Adhesive Tape


PET Double Sided Tape
Product Model:SH338

SH338 PET Strong Double Sided Tape is a transparent double sided tape consisting of a PET backing and a highly tackified acrylic adhesive. Used as mounting tape on plastics and metals. Excellent combination of high initial tack and immediate adhesion, full suitability for long-term applications, high temperature resistance.


Fixedadvertising board, light box and out-door adverting material

Used in construction industry, insulation, connections, binding and sealing

Fixed electronic products, LCD board, car decoration assembly processing

Pallet Tape
Product Model:SH363P

SH363P Pallet tape is standard weight saturated paper coated with a high tack rubber adhesive designed specifically used on protecting print surfaces of textile screen print equipment.


Perfectly used for silkcreen printing, protecting the frames and pallet from ink spills, leaks and spray adhesive.

It can be used as transfer tape to lift and transfer the vinyl and decal to other surface.

Foam Double SideTape
Product Model:SH333A

SH333A Foam Double Sided Tape is a white PE foam material coated with acrylic glue tape, it suitable for interior as well as exterior applications and combines high initial tack with good cohesion and adhesion. Suitable for use on uneven surfaces.


It is for automotive accessory mounting, 

Perfectly for interior / exterior trims, towel hooks, exterior display mounting

Used for sign assembly, nameplates, glass and metal fabrication etc.

Washi Masking Tape

​​​Washi Masking Tape is with washi paper material and stable acrylic glue. The various patterns for your option can help to decorate your gift and home beautifully and colorfully.