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    Publish time 2020-04-22 16:05    

UV Resistant Crepe Masking Tape 

SH316 Masking Tape is made of crepe paper with water based acrylic glue.


l  Good adhesion, no-residue after peeling off

l  Heat resistant arrives at 120 for short time and UV Resistant

l  Tearable by hand, convenient to apply

l  Excellent for color separation, beautify the surface of wall, car decoration

 Main applications:

l  Used for car decoration, wall decoration 

l  Packing or wrapping

l  Beautify the application of painting cars or spraying

Technical properties: 

Backing material:  Crepe paper                                  
Color:  Various
Total thickness:  120micron
Type of adhesive:  Water based acrylic

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