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    Publish time 2020-04-22 16:37    

Curing Tape/ PE Masking Tape

SH319 PE Masking Tape is made of PE film with water based acrylic glue.


l  Excellent in UV resistance

l  Good seal ability resilience and easy tear by hand

l  Suitable used during all weather

l  No residue to paint masking for 30 days

 Main applications:

l  Used for flooring of house, building, etc 

l  Protect the metal, plastic or glass surface against scratching

l  Suitable for protecting indoor and outdoor industrial works

Technical properties: 

Backing material:  Polyester                                     
Color:  Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Dark green, Orange, Red, White
Total thickness:  125micron
Type of adhesive:  Water based acrylic

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