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    Publish time 2020-04-05 14:00    

PVC Sandblasting Stencil

SH9035 Sandblasting Film is made of PVC film with strong acrylic glue.

Application Tape Advantages:

l  Conformable for use on differnent surfaces, such as glass, metal, stone;                                                       

l  Outstanding adhesion and no leaving residue after finishing application;           

l  Provides superb blast resistance against a variety of blasting media. 

Sandblasting Stencil Application:
l Protecting against blasting media including including sandblasting, etching, aluminum oxide grit, shot peening, glass bead and plastic media. 

Technical properties: 
Backing material:  PVC Film                                   
Color:  Blue, Yellow
Total thickness:  Thickness can be various according to customer need 
Type of adhesive:  Acrylic