What is Sandblasting Stencil Film?

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What is Sandblasting Stencil Film? Sandblasting Vinyl?
What's the material of it? And what is its application and function?

Before you learn Sandblasting Stencil Film, we need to know what is Sandblasting and Engraving.

Engraving is the most common design method used to create the lettering and symbols into most headstones and glass. While handtools were traditionally used for granite engraving, sandblasting has become the preferred and most effective engraving method nowadays. Engraving is the process or art of cutting designs into a very hard surface, like a granite headstone, marble stone.

Sand blasting is also known as abrasive blasting, which is a generic term for the process of smoothing, shaping and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds; the effect is similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies. Sandblasting can occur naturally, usually as a result of particles blown by wind causing aeolian erosion, or artificially, using compressed air. 

Sandblasting equipment typically consists of a chamber in which sand and air are mixed. The mixture travels through a hand-held nozzle to direct the particles toward the surface or work piece. Nozzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Boron carbide is a popular material for nozzles because it resists abrasive wear well.

Sandblasting is considered one of the most effective methods for engraving  and is best suited for lettering and creates the most visually impressive result. The technique uses compressed air to shoot small particles of sand through a hose to erode the granite surface.

This is the knowledge of sandblasting in wikipedia:

Sandblasting Stencil Film is also called as sandblasting vinyl, which is made of PVC(Polyvinyl chloride), some are made of rubber

A special Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl is a thick plastic(PVC or Rubber) tape with one side adhesion, and it comes in a ROLL, to be cut and applied to the surface of the glass, mable stone or tombstone during the sandblasting process, in order to protecting the surface where is no engraving design. Vinyl sandblast tapes allow the pressurized air and abrasive mixture to engrave letters, numbers, flowers and images...Protecting stone surface against blasting media  including sandblasting, etching, aluminum oxide grit, shot peening.

Somi Tape Industrial is the PVC sandblasting stencil film manufacturer from 1993 in China, at the very beginning, it's only used for the glass protecting, so the film was quite thin. Then we have many oversea customers ask for the sandblasting vinyl used for the marble stone, we spent years to study and develope the tapes with stable acrylic glue, and soft PVC, now our quality of sandblasting tapes are confirmed by many customers from Spain, Poland, Norway, England, Russia, South Africa...

Somi Tape Sandblasting Vinyl Tape


  • Conformable for use on differnent surfaces, such as glass, metal, stone;                                                       

  • Outstanding adhesion and no leaving residue after finishing application;           

  • Provides superb blast resistance against a variety of blasting media.

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