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Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape


SH368-05 Acrylic Foam Double Sided Tape is made of  0.5mm thickness acrylic foam with strong solvent acrylic glue.


l  UV light resistant, heat resistant 180

l  Extreme temperature resistant

l  flexible, suitable for uneven surface, excellent adhesion to metal, plastic, wood, paper surfaces which is hard to stick

l  Reduces use of liquid adhesives, screws, rivets, welds and subsequent surface refinishing

l  Excellent quick-stick speeds

l  No-residue after peeling off


Main applications:

l  Used for car decoration, fixing glass board, acrylic board and out-door adverting material

l  Assemble glass wall, provide superior adhesion in sealing and dust proof;

l  Use in construction industry, insulation, connections, binding, waterproof and sealing;

l  Fix electronic products, assembly processing;

l  For automotive rubbing strip, decorative strip, nameplate, labels and pedals, etc.

Technical properties: 

Backing material: Acrylic Foam                                     
Color: Transparent
Total thickness: 0.5mm
Type of adhesive: Solvent acrylic

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