SH379 Pallet Tape for Screen Printing
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Pallet Tape for Platen Masking

SH379 Pallet Tape for Screen Printing

SH379 SOMITAPE Paper Pallet Tape Screen Printing for Platen Masking

    Pallet Tape Advantages

l  High tack rubber adhesive bonds well to the platen surface, the edges won't lift.

l  Spray adhesives are held tightly on matt surface paper tape, and won’t transfer to textiles.

l  Removes easily and cleanly, with no residue left on the platen after use.

    Pallet Tape Application and Benefits

l  Use on platen surface for textile screen printing.

l  Reduce clean-up time, and improve work efficiency.

l  Extends the overall life of the platen.

Technical properties: 

Item #: SH379
Backing material:  Paper                                   
Color:  White
Total thickness:  130micron
Type of adhesive:   Rubber

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