SH9030 Sandblast Stencil Vinyl
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Granite Sandblasting Stencil for Monument

SH9030 Sandblast Stencil Vinyl

SH9030 SOMITAPE Blue Vinyl Sandblast Masking Tape Material Stencil for Stone

Sandblast Stencil Advantages:

l  Conformable on different surfaces, such as stone, glass, and metal.                                                   

l  Provides superb blast resistance against a variety of blasting media.           

l  Outstanding adhesion and no leaving residue after sandblasting operations. 

Sandblast Stencil Vinyl Application:

l  Ideal for hand and die-cutting equipment.                                                 

l  Protecting stone surface against blasting media.

l  Apply to Granite, Marble, and Stone for Monument and tombstone.

Technical properties: 

Backing material:  PVC Vinyl Stencil                                   
Color:  Blue, Yellow
Thickness:  Thickness 250, 300, 350, 500, 800, 1000 micron, Customized
Type of adhesive:  Acrylic

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